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Axie University 101 is a fansite dedicated to help Axie Scholars get quality scholarships and offer coaching to managers and scholars who want to level up.


Are you interested in a Axie Infinity Scholarship Program?​

Get the list of Axie Infinity scholarships ranked by profit sharing percentage, earnings, and more. Gamers can earn SLP and AXS in a play to earn model.


Find out how to earn a scholarship with Axie Tech, and meet the Axie Tech scholarship team!


Private Axie Coaching from Indes #1 Axie e-sports player

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I can’t believe I could earn income playing a game. Plus it’s fun to play ;D !

Treysi #1 Axie e-sports player

I appreciate that our managers are responsible, responsive, and understanding

Grift3r Axie e-sports player

I got onboarded so fast after being selected! Thank you Axie University 101

ZSummer Axie e-sports player

Thank you the opportunity

Libjud Axie e-sports player

Cristian was helpful and very clear. He made onboarding the team very easy

Rushellejane Axie player
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